custom invitations: sarah + bryan

Happy second anniversary to Sarah + Bryan!

My favorite part of working on any project are the tiny details that make it uniquely YOURS.  The little add-ons that are significant just to you + your person, both as individuals and as a couple, always make your pieces more YOU, and being able to weave those parts of your story into your day.. Your favorite soda, a nickname, first date spot, shared vacation places, or any other part of your story.. THOSE details always make me the most excited.. 

Sarah + Bryan's invitation suite is a great example of those tiny details - a collection started when they were dating and an idea that she wasn't sure was possible?  YES, PLEASE!  Let's do it!

The starting point for Sarah + Bryan's invitation suite was pretty unique - modern art stamps that Sarah had collected while she and Bryan were dating.  The slightly oversized stamps were both horizontal and vertical, and had mini masterpieces printed on them.  Those bold spots of color and print were the perfect punch of color to pair with an otherwise monochromatic invitation suite.

They wanted something clean, chic and timeless to tuck inside the envelopes.  We went with an oversized invitation - so, so pretty! 

Sarah + Bryan's custom oversized black and white invitation by hello, bird. 

Because Sarah loves raised texture, we ended up going with embossing rather than foil or letterpress.  The raised calligraphy on the oversized invitations was SUCH a cool touch to add! 

Sarah also had a very specific original idea for their response cards that she hadn't seen.  She knew she wanted something tall and narrow- not a typical rectangle, and Sarah wanted an ombre effect in the background.   Because the reception + after party required separate head counts, we reversed the ombre to make it a little more obvious that they were two cards.

Sarah + Bryan's invitation suite by hello, bird. // black and white oversized calligraphy invitation; ombre rsvp card with black and gold

I also wrote each guests' name on their reply cards.  I used gold ink for the reception reply card and black ink for the after-party reply.  (This was another amazing detail that also made it easier for the guests and the couple - it was easy to see who had really responded!)

I completely love the mix of a very chic, classic + minimal invitation with something a little more fun on the reply cards.  It's all cohesive, but it's not boring at all.  

Sarah + Bryan's invitation suite by hello, bird. // black and white oversized calligraphy invitation; ombre rsvp card; gold ink on charcoal