Behind the Scenes: details in the making

A messy studio full of pretty is always fine, right?  I love the beauty of the piles of things in progress. I usually keep my behind-the-scenes secret to not spoil surprises, but now that these pieces are no longer secret, I can share. 

behind the scenes - hello, bird. - working on signage for the philly mag shops event
behind the scenes - hello, bird.
behind the scenes - hello, bird.

1 - brush lettering some signage for emerging designers featured at the philly mag shops event.  this year's event was curated by maggpie vintage rentals.  (They built a gorgeous fort!)

2 - letting arrows dry before writing the rest of the escort card information

3 - reception elements drying and cocktail flag escort cards waiting for table numbers in my favorite color palette for everything. 

4 - names and wedding date added by hand to digitally printed menus, all lined up to dry.  That moment where everything is drying is usually when I like to take a quick snap of the stacks.