Custom Invitations: Kasey + Cori

I love LOVE, and I really love being able to help celebrate other people's love!  (Whew, that's a lotta 'love'!)  Being able to create invitations for a wedding for one of your favorite couples?  Definitely a great way to celebrate!

I was honored to create wedding invitations for my friend (and baker extraordinaire) Kasey as she prepared to marry the love of her life, Cori.

Kasey and Cori wanted to incorporate lots of color into their wedding, and loved a watercolor look.  I used their chosen decor color palette as inspiration, and created a layered watercolor background digitally.  I blended my own lettering and calligraphy styles for the wording of the invitation provided by the couple.

With the wedding venue being Cori's family's scenic property, and Cori acquiring her family seal, there was a great nod to family lineage.  The ladies knew that they wanted to use this seal with wax on the invitation envelopes before we had even discussed a design.  

The Lennox family crest includes a swan, and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of that history in with a new design as Kasey and Cori became their own family.  I created a new crest for them incorporating the Lennox family seal swan, Cori's love of all things Harry Potter, and Kasey's love of baking.

Congratulations, Kasey and Cori!  I'm so happy for you both, and a fan of your love as always.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!