pop-up nuptials

I met Alisa Tongg recently - and had to [sheepishly] gush over how great she is at celebrating love.  Alisa is a Celebrant, and a storyteller, who helps people share and celebrate their love story on their wedding day.  I have seen footage of weddings she has officiated, and found myself both laughing and crying - without even knowing the couple - because their story was told so beautifully by Alisa.

When Alisa mentioned that she was putting together a pop-up nuptial night, I knew I was all in, and created a poster for the event.

hello, bird. - philadelphia calligraphy - for pop-up nuptials celebrating pa marriage equality hosted by alisa tongg, celebrant at hotel fuchere - milford, pa

Thank you, Alisa, for thinking of me.  

Love is one of the most magical things one can experience, and being able to share your love with the world + make your person you share it with your spouse is one of the best feelings.  I love love, and to have just a tiny part in that special moment of others lives?  Incredible.