help needed!

As the song goes, sometimes you get by with a little help from your friends..   So, friends.. I'm turning to you! 

hello, bird. / calligraphy + more / philadelphia

 If you're in the Philadelphia area, I'm looking for some help next week.  Definitely one day, but possibly two. 
I need some help with proof-reading envelopes and packaging some pretties! 

I believe in soy lattes + pizza.  If you're interested in helping + hanging out with me and my sweet furry rabbit*, please email me + say hi!  Tell me about yourself via email at info[at] (don't forget to include your contact info)!

Thanks friends + looking forward to meeting you soon! 

*the aforementioned sweet rabbit is currently shedding his summer fur, so if you're allergic to rabbits/cats, this is not be the best time to hang out.  he's super soft and fluffy, and there's a lot of soft fur shedding right now.