behind the scenes: rest.


September has been a very full month-- full of ups and downs.  I've driven more in the last three weeks than I have all year combined.  To be fair, I'm more of a pedestrian than a driver since living in Philly, but still so many miles travelled.

I've had the pleasure of seeing two of my favorite people marry the loves of their life, and the honor of standing by their sides as they promised each other forever.  I am so excited to say that my brother married- giving me a new sister (yay!) that I love as if she's always been my sister.  One of my best friends, Mallory, was married the following weekend.  My heart is so full for them + their love.  

 While driving between venues in the South, I was also able to see some of my favorite humans that we moved away from, making it harder to stay in touch.  With all of that joy, the  realization of all of the overwhelm and the busyness of the last months and the toll that it has taken on me has never been more apparent.

So, it's time for me to take a little time for me.  I'm looking to take a little time to rest and really recharge.  Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the glorification of busy, especially during fall wedding season.  After talking to a friend of mine about all of the overwhelm and the need for rest, the need for a more intentional focus has never been more obvious.

I'm looking forward to spending time focusing on the logistics of my buisness -- like actually finishing my branding, putting a legal contract in place, really growing my aesthetic + fine-tuning the direction I want to focus on -- and, primarily, working on all of this while operating solely under daytime working hours.  I'm also going to be separating my business from my personal in terms of my phone useage.  While I've basically cut out my Facebook useage over the last few years, I'm finding Instagram to be both amazing and distracting. I've been finding my phone to be incredibly distracting + counterproductive when I'm working, especially with wet ink on my hands and desk.  I have found that the phone and social media becomes such a distracting rabbit hole that sometimes it's hard to break away.  I need to spend more time away from my "screens" and be more present "in real life."

Here's to a more intentional season!  

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